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Sustainable Packaging

Enjoy the same vivid graphics and quick turnaround as conventional packaging, but with a better environmental impact.

Increase the value of your packaging by switching to eco-friendly packaging solutions. We offer a wide range of materials that maintain quality while minimizing environmental impact.

Improve Your Brand Image

Make a sustainable impression on your target market by switching to more eco-friendly packaging. A vast majority of customers feel positive about brands that use sustainable packaging. Work with our graphic design team to place the right eco-labels on your products.

Expand Your Customer Base

Going green attracts customers who are conscious of their carbon footprint. Your product becomes the better option on the shelf because of your sustainable flexible packaging.

Our Sustainable Practices

From vendor selection to waste stream reduction, we employ sustainable practices in our facilities.

Thrive™ Sustainable Packaging

Appeal to eco-conscious consumers with our award-winning line of sustainable packaging.

Sustainability Resources

Find out how to live, work and produce products sustainably within some of our blogs.

Our flexible packaging solutions offer many helpful features:


Flexible packaging materials are lighter than conventional rigid, glass and metal packages. This allows for reduced warehouse space, lower transportation costs and less waste.

Barrier Protection

Our sustainable packaging solutions come in varying degrees of barrier properties, so you can select the best option for your needs.

Diverse Selection

Our sustainable packaging comes in a wide variety of formats and shapes. You can also select convenient features such as zippers, slider closures and die-cut handles.

Flexibles & The Environment

Every year, more consumers are choosing brands that do their part in protecting the environment. In comparison with rigid packaging materials, flexibles use only a small amount of material, reduce product and transportation costs, save on warehouse space, and increase the quantity of product that can be shipped on a per-truck basis.

PPT's Dedication to Eco-Friendly Solutions

The topic of sustainability is more important than ever and awareness of our environment is increasing. More and more consumers and companies want to take responsibility. There is an environmentally friendly variant for each product.

For any business creating sustainable packaging for a product, it is a vital element. So, what should you consider as a company? Why is PPT your ideal partner for eco-friendly packaging materials? Why do we care about creating sustainable packaging solutions for our customers?

By switching to recyclable packaging, you show your consumers that your company cares and is making strides to help the environment. An important part of your new and sustainable packaging is to include clear messaging on how to recycle the packaging.

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